About “International Health And Wellness Company”

Thank you for taking the time to go through these videos presentations. By now you will have discovered that ASEA is not only one of the top wellness companies but also one of the top MLM businesses available today.

If you are looking for an International Health and Wellness Company to align yourself with then ASEA is it. We have the right product, the right people and the ASEA Compensation Plan is second to none in creating long term residual income.


Psychologically Unemployable

Originally from Ireland, I graduated with a degree in International Finance from Queens University, Belfast. While all my classmates where excited about their future careers in accountancy and banking, I was dreading it and began to realize that I was psychologically unemployable. After taking a year out to trek through the deserts, jungles and plains of Africa I returned to Ireland to begin my Masters in Finance. It was right at that time I discovered the amazing business model of Network Marketing. This was wealth creation that wasn’t being taught in college!


Never Curse The Journey

To cut a long story short…after a successful decade in the industry I had to walk away. I still loved the mlm business model, however I didn’t have a lot of respect for many of the companies using it. The nutrition mlm industry has become saturated with me too same old same old products. Vitamins and minerals, exotic juices, weight loss pills and shakes, body wraps, cleanses, healthy coffees and the latest and greatest skin creams. Don’t get me wrong , many of these are great products, but I was looking for something different… something unique… I wanted to be on the forefront of a new category in health…I wanted to tell a story that had never been told before.

“The Network Marketing industry has become a very crowded place with lots of me too, same-old products. ASEA is a solo voice rising above a very crowded choir. It’s a story that must be told, and people are excited to tell it.” – Alan Noble, ASEA Triple Diamond


The ASEA MLM Difference

Then in May 2009 spurred on by a family member’s health challenge, I went on a very aggressive search, looking for the most powerful health technology I could possibly find. That was when I first heard the words Redox Signaling Molecules and ASEA. 5 days later I flew, on my own dime, to Salt Lake City to meet the founders, Verdis Norton and James Pack. I also met the smartest man I have ever sat in a room with, Dr Gary Samuelson, the Atomic and Medical Physicist who literally cracked the code in stabilizing what science had said was impossible to stabilize outside of the human body!

That one day in late May 2009 was all it took. Not only did I realize that this was the new powerful category of health technology I had been looking for, but it was being driven by highly skilled businessmen of tremendous purpose and principles. Men who were not obsessed with making a quick buck, but who truly wanted to make a lasting difference in the world.


A Noble Purpose

That was over 3 years ago and the rest is history. The incredible team of ASEA Leaders that joined have touched the lives of 10,000’s of people with this astonishing health technology. And we are just getting started. I am blessed to be living my “Noble Purpose” of changing lives both physically and financially!

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