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A long time ago, I learned that opportunity is simply finding solutions to people’s problems. The bigger the problem and the better your solution, the greater your opportunity. Two of the greatest challenges facing people today are the Health Crisis and the Financial Crisis.

As a result of the Remarkable ASEA Breakthroughs along with lucrative ASEA Opportunities, this MLM business is filling critical needs at critical times!



Are you Creating or Chasing?

Most companies today offer “me too”, “same old same old” products, chasing the latest fads and whatever is popular. Very rarely does a company offering an MLM residual income opportunity come along that creates a new category of product that will change everything!

Different. ASEA stands in a class by itself as the world’s first and only Redox Signaling Supplement. Never before have these powerful molecules been stabilized outside the human body.

Sustainable. Thanks to heavily patented technology, ASEA has no competition, no copycats! This is Huge!

Advantage. ASEA is a high impact product that gets results. ASEA is not just about some advanced molecular theory…it’s about life changing molecules in a bottle!

Read more about the ASEA advantage and how the distributor opportunity is different and substantial here.

The Power of Network Marketing (MLM or Referral Marketing)

When you become an ASEA Associate you can earn commissions by referring customers to ASEA through your own Team ASEA website. The company does all payment processing and shipping and handling for you. You make the referral and the company cuts you a “thank you” check.

The Power of Leveraged Income – ‘Earn Beyond Yourself”

You can make these referrals all by yourself, or you do the sensible thing and build a team of like minded, self motivated people! Now you can earn beyond just your own efforts with no ceiling on your income!

The Power of Residual Income – “Earn over and over again”

Imagine having the only gas station in town! Everybody has to keep coming back to you to fill up! Well it’s the same when you have the most advanced health and athletic technology in the world…and no one else has it. Consumable, Effective and Patented! It doesn’t get any better than that!

The Power of Global Income – “Earn 24/7 around the word”

ASEA has already begun expanding its reach outside the US and Canada. In 2012 alone we opened up 11 European Countries for business. ASEA UK, ASEA Ireland, ASEA Germany, ASEA France, ASEA Spain, ASEA Italy, ASEA Netherlands, ASEA Norway, ASEA Hungary, ASEA Austria and ASEA Slovenia. ASEA Europe will continue to expand throughout 2013 with further expansion around the world within the next few years.

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