Not only is ASEA the single greatest health science breakthrough of our lifetimes, but Team ASEA is also founded by a highly skilled corporate team and dedicated group of scientists and health professionals. TeamASEA is quite simply the best of the best when it comes to business, science and field leadership.



ASEA Founders and Chief Scientist


Verdis Norton – Founder and Chairman of the Board

Verdis Norton has a distinguished career leading billion-dollar companies to even greater heights. He served as Vice President of Strategy for Kraft Foods, and as an executive and strategic consultant for multiple Fortune 500 companies. In addition to his experience as a corporate executive, Verdis also developed a proprietary strategy and business planning system now used by a number of companies around the world. He brings this immense strategic experience to bear in all leading aspects of the ASEA business.


Tyler Norton – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Tyler Norton has 17 years of experience in the financial services and management consulting industries including 9 years of executive leadership with Beneficial Financial Group where he served as a Vice-President, Senior Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer. Tyler also served as a Senior Vice President of Insphere Insurance Solutions, a private-equity portfolio company of Goldman Sachs and The Blackstone Group, where he reported directly to the CEO. Along with his Father, Verdis Norton, Tyler co-founded StrategicLink – a management consulting firm dedicated to teaching the strategic planning processes that his Father perfected during his long executive leadership career in Fortune 500 companies. Tyler has taught and consulted this process to literally thousands of individuals, companies and non-profits across the United States. In addition to his diverse executive leadership and broad consulting experience, Tyler brings to the organization a deep commitment to the culture of ASEA and to the humanity of business. He has a passion for teaching, inspiring and motivating people to reach their full potential and become the very best they can be.


Dr. Gary Samuelson, Ph.D.

Dr. Samuelson was awarded his Ph.D. in Atomic/Medical Physics from the University of Utah and has received the American Association of Physics Teachers Award for Teaching Excellence. He works as an independent science consultant to help bridge the gap between promising emerging technologies and commercialization efforts in the health science field. He has worked on stabilizing nanoparticle structures integral to several promising technologies. Dr. Samuelson was the first to discover that the components of ASEA are stable Redox Signaling complexes being studied worldwide and has also helped to further stabilize them. Dr. Samuelson is devoted to advancing the science behind such promising technologies to the highest extent possible.Dr. Samuelson serves as the chair of the ASEA Science Advisory Council. For more information see the ASEA Genesis & About Alan Noble