The Amazing Story of ASEA

ASEA is a relatively young International Health and Wellness MLM Company officially launched in September of 2010. ASEA is already experiencing tremendous growth in both the US and Europe.

The Redox Signaling Molecules in ASEA water are so impactful on the human condition that a pharmaceutical company offered to pay millions of dollars for the sole rights to the technology! Thankfully co-founders of ASEA, Verdis Norton and James Pack said no to the payout and yes to the handful of people already experiencing the life changing power of Redox Signaling Molecules!

Why Network Marketing?

The question many people ask is why would a seasoned Fortune 100 executive choose network marketing to take ASEA to the world? After all, Verdis Norton had been Vice President at Kraft Foods and had a stellar career as a traditional corporate executive. What was it about the network marketing model that appealed to this genius of corporate business strategy?

Truth be told, it was precisely because of his background in business strategy that Verdis recognized network marketing offered the single most efficient way of getting the life-changing benefits of ASEA into the hands of the consumer. He understood what more and more business luminaries like Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson, and Stephen Covey were preaching: that network marketing is a powerful sales channel with a proven track record of success. In fact, since the mid-90s there has only been one industry to produce 200,000 millionaires. It wasn’t Hollywood, professional sports, or even law or medicine; it was network marketing.

The power of network marketing (mlm) is that it rewards people who may not have extra money to invest in an opportunity, but can invest their time, credibility, and influence. The ASEA opportunity is all about sharing the ASEA breakthrough with others and helping them have a business of their own. When it comes down to it, network marketing or mlm is nothing more than a group of people who accomplish something together that they can’t accomplish by themselves.

Network marketing is smart. And it is the model of choice for a growing number of business strategists. Read why ASEA is #1 among the top mlm companies to join.

ASEA Founders

“There have been a handful of billion dollar companies. There has never been a billion dollar product. I believe ASEA will be the first. It will not top out.” – Verdis Norton, Founder and Chairman of the Board

“I believe the single greatest act of friendship that I can extend to someone is to let them know this health technology exists” – Tyler Norton, Founder and CEO

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