RENU 28 – Anti Aging Skin Therapy

Renu 28 is the only topical get in the world to contain powerful Redox Signaling Molecules. When applied to the skin, the bodies largest organ, you can literally see how effective RENU 28 in cellular repair and rejuvenation.

Many RENU 28 reviews talk about improvement in complexion, cellulite, wrinkles, skin elasticity, tone, texture and redness and irritation. In fact the results really do speak for themselves. Click to see some RENU 28 transformations for yourself:RENU 28 Before and After Gallery.

RENU 28 Ingredients

In a world where most anti-aging skin creams and serums contain a huge number of ingredients, RENU 28 has only 4 ingredients: Salt and Water (out of which we make trillions of redox signaling molecules), Sodium Magnesium Fluorosilicate (emulsifier to make the gel) and Monosodium Phosphate (PH buffer)

RENU 28 has been shown to be 100% safe, non-toxic and safe for the whole family. It is Hypoallergenic and Non Comedogenic (does not clog the pores). Backed by Science

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Launched in May 2014, RENU 28 already has plenty of science to back up it up from leading Dermatological Institutes both in Europe and North America.

Faster Renewal Means Younger Looking Skin

RENU 28 has also been studied by world renowned Stephens & Associates. They wanted to see if RENU 28 really does deserve its name. In other words does it really help the skin’s cellular renewal process become more efficient?

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Using florescent dyes in the forearm it was discovered that the cellular renewal rate is 16% faster with RENU 28! Bringing the average renewal cycle of 28-42 days to a more youthful 24-36 days. Faster Renewal means younger looking skin.

Increased Skin Cell Blood Flow

Stephens & Associates also wanted to see if RENU 28 had an impact on the important issue of Skin Cell Blood Flow. Scientists and health professionals have known for years that improving skin cell blood flow can lead to healthier skin, clearer complexion, reduction in spider veins and stretch marks, as well as a decrease in cellulite.

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The study only lasted 4 days! Almost immediately the researchers saw a 49% increase in skin cell blood flow that grew to over 50% within the 4 day trial. These number are statistically very significant, leaving no doubt as to the power of the redox signaling technology in RENU 28!

Dermatest Cellulite Study

Dermatest is continuing its study of RENU 28, this time to discover the gel’s impact on cellulite…an issue that effect 90% of women! Although only half way through the study the results are already very positive.

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After only 6 weeks (of a 12 week study) the researchers at Dermatest saw a 16% improvement in elasticity and a reduction in the fat lobules size that cause the bumping and dimpling effect. This is BIG news! RENU 28 will be a breakthrough Millions of Women will be talking about!

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