ASEA VIA – The Way To Wellness

ASEA VIA represents cutting-edge nutrition in 3 important areas of health.

3 areas of health

ASEA VIA Source, a whole-food micro-nutrient complex.
ASEA VIA Biome, a full-spectrum probiotic.
ASEA VIA LifeMax, an active lifestyle and vitality formula.

You are what you absorb, not what you eat!

These formulas contain the very best of diverse ingredients, as well BIOVIA, a unique and proprietary complex of nutrients specially formulated to maximize your nutritional benefits.

ASEA Redox & ASEA VIA Together!


ASEA Redox has been formulated to synergistically work together with our patented ASEA Redox Cell Signaling formula.

Your body is in a constant state of cellular repair. ASEA VIA provides the important building materials in the form of quality bio-available nutrients. However, ASEA Redox represents the labor force required to get the work done.

The powerful combination of materials and labor sets ASEA apart as the global leader in complete cellular health.