ASEA Compensation Plans

The ASEA Compensation Plan is fair and generous and as something for everyone. There are all sorts of ways to earn income, but to make a living while making a profound difference in people’s lives is the most rewarding way of all!


Ways To Get Paid!

In your whole life, have you ever been paid in several different ways at once? Nope. When you work a job, you get a paycheck. A single paycheck. But not with ASEA. You do one line of work here, and you can be paid in many separate ways. Here’s how it shakes out:

Customer Commissions

Sell ASEA at retail and make a profit. Or even better sign up a preferred customer. They get a discount on the product, and you earn $25 every time they purchase a case of ASEA on Autoship.

Fast Start Bonus

Enroll someone with an ASEA Product Pack, and earn an instant Fast Start Bonus. Help them enroll an Associate and earn a Fast Start Bonus…and help that person get someone started with an ASEA Product pack and earn another Fast Start Bonus!

Directors Bonus

Achieve the rank of Director in 14 or fewer calendar days from the date of your own enrollment and receive a $50* one-time bonus.

Team Commissions

Build two “legs” in your organization, and earn 5% on each leg up to the amount on the lesser leg. This part of the maxes out at $10,000 per week!

Executive Momentum Pool

Earn a share of global volume for a limited time as you advance through ASEA’s executive ranks. Funded with 2% of total global CV, the Executive Momentum Bonus pool is shared in tiers based on qualified rank per week for a specified period of time once your shares have been unlocked by two consecutive qualifying weeks at your new rank.

Check Match

Earn check matches on Associates you’ve personally sponsored, and the ones they’ve sponsored, and so on… up to 7 generations! This is the wealth component of the ASEA Compensation Plan. No caps. No limits!

Diamond Pay

Diamond Pool

3% of Global Sales goes into the ASEA Diamond Pool. This is compensation set aside to reward the leaders who are truly driving the business.

For More Details on ASEA’s Lucrative Compensation Plan: ASEA’s Compensation Plan PDF